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If you're still doing your own extractions at home--why??

If you're guilty of this, I must kindly ask you to stop! *smiling tear emoji*

One of the issues with doing self-extractions is the fact that the tools being used to perform the extraction are sometimes unsanitary. This plus the fact that you're opening the contents of your follicle and inviting them to the rest of your skin can cause bacteria to spread and create more acne. Fun times!

Another overlooked issue with self-extractions is the damage it can cause to the skin. My clients who *used to* perform their own extractions would admit that it can be hard to extract on the cheeks because of the angle + mirror situation. If you keep trying to extract the impaction without understanding the pore direction and whether it's ready to be extracted, you can push the impaction deeper into the follicle and risk increasing inflammation in that area. This can cause more hyperpigmentation in that area. Some folks are also more prone to broken capillaries from the friction/pinching of their skin.

This is why education around extractions is so important to skin specialists. It's truly an art that requires respect for the skin. That said, not everyone's skin is prepped for extractions. Depending on the hydration levels in the skin, performing extractions can be unproductive af. Additionally, when Estheticians perform extractions, we are trained to keep sanitation top of mind and to use the appropriate products to prevent the spread of bacteria. Most importantly, we also understand that not every comedone needs to be explored!

So if you're concerned about congestion, please visit a Licensed Esthetician! And make sure to leave them plenty of gifts on your face ;)

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